Close the circle

The task ahead of us is enormous. The group we are committed to is situated in a dangerous area, where the Gospel is completely prohibited. The Bible has never been translated into their own language and they have no Jesus film. Reaching the unreached is an expensive task, as it can cost over a million US dollars to fund the translation of the whole Bible. Financially, this is a tremendous expense, but no cost can be greater than dying without personally knowing Christ.

We have identified the annual 36ONE MTB Challenge as an ideal way to raise funds for this mission, thereby fulfilling our promise. Closing the circle. Even everyday activities like mountain biking can be used to expand the Kingdom. The 36ONE route stretches over 361 km and is a full 361 degrees – a circle made up of four stages – that must be completed in 36 hours.  Cyclists commit to completing the full 361 km, entering solo or in teams. Individuals can compete in relay teams of four members, whereas cyclists in teams of two each complete two stages, with a total of 180 km each. Each cyclist can be sponsored in rand or US dollars.

By sponsoring, many can invest in the future of this unreached people group in Northern Africa.  This mission is bigger than we are. This 36ONE initiative gives anyone the opportunity to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth, taking seriously the command of Jesus in Matthew 24:13: “this gospel of the kingdom must be announced to the whole world, as a witness to ALL people groups. Then the end will come.”

Jesus’ last words are our greatest priority.  We are committed to the number ZERO.  Someday, people must search far and wide – and they must find ZERO unengaged, unreached people groups.

We encourage you to pledge a donation.  These funds will be used to translate the Gospel of Mark, to fund the soundtrack of the Jesus film in their native language and to support missionary initiatives among the people in this group.

You can also get involved by contributing towards the following:

  • administrative costs regarding the website;
  • the legal cost of setting up of a foundation and applying for tax exemption;
  • the logistical cost associated with the race: transportation, accommodation, bike maintenance, physiotherapy, medical support, media & film, etc.;
  • sponsoring of the teams’ mountain biking apparel and gear.

Contact us on email at or call us at  086 1221 777.

Anyone who wants to get involved in supporting this project in prayer, please contact Carin at or message her at             082 5723 651.

Click to read more about Willem and Carin Lategan’s journey with this initiative. (English / Afrikaans)